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We are a full service boutique insurance brokerage focusing on home, automobile and business/commercial insurance.

Our priority is you – our client. We build strong relationships and get to know your individual needs. From this, we provide expert advise on how to protect yourself using insurance. With our expterise, we are able to design a policy to meet your unique needs and budget.

Service is the core of our business. Always making sure that we are available to answer your questions and to respond quickly to your requests.

Call or email us today for a no-obligation quote on your home, automobile, business or commercial insurance needs.

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Insurance products

Personal Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

I want to insurance for my automobile/car

Homeowner's Insurance

Home Insurance

I own a house or a freehold townhouse and require insurance for the building

Business Insurance

Business Insurance

I am looking for insurance for my business

Condominium Owner's Insurance

Condo Insurance

I want to insure the condominium apartment/townhouse that I own

Tenants Insurance

Fleet Auto Insurance

I want to insure my fleet of vehicles

Tenants Insurance

Tenant Insurance

I want to insure my contents and liability for the apartment/house I rent

Client Feedback

Mark saved close to $2,000 on his auto policy while increasing his coverage! Call us today to see what we can do for you.

Mark G – Client

“Thank you so much - you made the whole process so smooth and very easy. Thank you for looking after us.”

Leila M – Client

Leila saved over $600 on her automobile renewal! Call us today to see what we can do for you.

Leila M – Client


The Death Spiral of a Non-Payment Cancellation

The Death Spiral of a Non-Payment Cancellation

I have a client who has an automobile policy with me. He started his policy in July of last year and opted to pay the policy in full. All went well and his insurance company renewed his policy in June for his July renewal date. When the policy documents were sent out...

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Service – Delivering on a Promise

Service – Delivering on a Promise

My neighbour is having a problem with a contractor he hired to do some work for him. The contractor is well known in our area with over 30 years in his field of specialty. The contractor believes that his service is so good that he can charge a premium and customers...

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Getting a hold of your insurance broker shouldn’t be hard. You can contact us using the form or by email or phone. 

We love talking to clients, so you won’t find anyone here hiding behind emails or voicemail. If you get our voice mail, it’s because we’re on the phone helping another client. Leave us a detailed message and we’ll get right back to you.


Zahir's My Insurance Guy

Zahir's My Insurance Guy

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