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Complimentary Insurance Review

You are a unique individual with unique insurance needs. Insurance companies are able to take individuals who have some common traits and group them together to develop a general price for the group.

I believe that the price for your insurance should be developed based on your individual needs and your individual situation. This means taking into account your car, how far or how much you drive, what coverage you need for your car or home insurance.

That’s why I have developed a no-obligation Complimentary Insurance Review.

How does it work?

It’s a quick and simple process that takes about 15 minutes of your time to complete a questionnaire. In this questionnaire I obtain information from you on your automobile and your home. After I have the information I need to get started I go ahead and build a formal review of your insurance needs.

Once I have my review ready, usually completed with 1 business day, I present you with a summary of the cost of insurance from at least 4 major Canadian insurance companies along with my recommendations.

You’ve completed my Complimentary Insurance Review – do I have to buy insurance from you?

The simple answer is no. If you are satisfied with the service that I have provided to you along with competitive rates for the coverage you need, I am confident that you will want me to look after your insurance needs.

What will the Complimentary Insurance Review cost me?

$0 – Nothing. What I offer to my clients is personalized service to meet your needs. I don’t charge you for completing the Complimentary Insurance Review.

What products are eligible for the Complimentary Insurance Review?

I can provide you with quotes for your Automobile, Home, Condo, Tenants and Business Insurance. I also provide very competitive rates for Contractors Insurance.

How do we start the process?

It’s simple. Call or email me and we can get the process started over the phone or we can set up an appointment to meet. My contact details are:

Phone: (647) 528-3525

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